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Founded in March 2018 with headquarters in Cotonou, Benin, Atlantic Artificial Intelligence Laboratories (Atlantic AI Labs™) is fostering research, education, and implementation of AI and related technologies in Africa (see press release). Unraveling the secrets of human intelligence is one of the grand challenges of science in the 21st century. It will require an interdisciplinary approach and may hold the key to building intelligent machines that can interact safely and efficiently with humans to help solve a wide range of complex problems.

We are interested in unleashing the potential of AI in Africa through self-reliance. At present, Atlantic AI Labs™ comprises the AI for Agriculture (A4A), the AI for Biomedicine (A4B), and the AI for Control (A4C) Labs. This is part of our "Africa 2060" initiative of transforming Africa from an exporter of raw materials to a unified, inclusive, and sustainable center of high-tech research, development, and production by the year 2060. We see AI as the catalyst for leapfrogging into this 4th Industrial Revolution.

We are Africans solving African problems with AI. Our guiding principles are: Innovation, Collaboration, and Excellence.

In addition to building a team of talented AI researchers and engineers, Atlantic AI Labs™ will also promote early mathematics and science education and offer AI Research Fellowship and Residency Programs in collaboration with African universities.

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  • ... Education
  • ... State-of-the-art AI Methods
  • ... Aerospace
  • ... Analysis and Modeling
  • ... Software Development
  • ... Enterprise AI
  • ... Biomedicine
  • ... Precision Agriculture
  • ... Environmental Protection

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Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team passionate about researching and working toward the long term goal of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).


Our goal is to use AI to improve people's lives and health. Our current focus is on AI, Cognitive Robotics, and Autonomy with applications in aerospace, biomedicine, and agriculture.

Our Approach

Slowly but surely, the chameleon reaches the top of the bombax tree.

Akaba Houessou, King of Dahomey (in present-day Benin) from 1685 to 1708

Evolving Engineering for Learning (EEL) is Atlantic AI Labs' framework toward AI trustworthiness and safety. EEL is inspired by the aviation concept of "airworthiness" which has made air travel the safest mode of transportation by far. EEL is just good old engineering evolving to support learning-enabled, autonomous, adaptive, high-dimensional, highly non-linear, partially observable, and non-deterministic behavior under uncertainties.


Learn more about EEL on our blog at Evolving Engineering for Learning (EEL) toward Safe AI.


Experience and wisdom.

sylvie dan


Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Dan is an experienced and certified Business Analyst, Enterprise Architect, and Project Manager. Her expertise includes knowledge and system modeling standards like: TOGAF, UML, BPMN, DMN, and CRISP-DM. She has hands-on experience in requirements engineering and system modeling for clinical decision support systems integrating predictive models and clinical practice guidelines. Ms. Dan is a Python programmer and is also familiar with Agile software development methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Startup. She is member of the Project Management Institute. Ms. Dan is the Founder & CEO of Canada-based Ovation Consult which won the Fourth Annual Global AI Award in the Best AI Consultancy category.


Our AI Implementation Methodology

We perform organizational, business process, task, decision, and system modeling using established standards. The outcome is a Cognitive Architecture which ensures continuous learning as well as robust and explainable decisions.
We implement AI methods based on methodological rigor, model validation, and transparent reporting. We apply the "No Free Lunch Theorem" — the best performing algorithm for each specific task at hand. We represent uncertainty in a principled manner and distinguish prediction from causality.
We use proven open source AI frameworks, test driven development, and integrate AI capabilities into modern software architectural patterns (e.g., Microservices, Event Sourcing, the Actor Model, Reactive patterns, and real-time stream processing). We design for effective human-machine interaction. We perform formal verification of the system for safety, privacy, confidentiality, and compliance.
We advise on building an AI infrastructure leveraging the cloud, specialized hardware (TPUs and GPUs), and modern DevOps automation tools and practices.

The Pendjari Park in Benin is the last refuge for the region's largest remaining population of elephant and the critically endangered West African lion.

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